Lucky's Six Favorite Sources For Affordable Cashmere

Affordable cashmere: shockingly, it's not just a myth. Click through to shop our six favorite sources for luxe knits at under $200.

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What Beyoncé is to music and Meryl Streep is to acting, well, that's what cashmere is to the knitwear world. It's the best of the best, the cream of the crop—and often, it's the most expensive variety of sweater on offer. The incredibly luxe wool (which, in fact, is actually a type of hair) is gathered from special fine-coated goats and is instantly recognizable for its lightweight, super-soft and remarkably warm nature. Once combed or shorn from the goat, cashmere fibers are dyed, spun into yarn and then can be knitted into clothing, scarves, hats or other winter accessories—but the process takes time and can't be performed on just any animal, hence cashmere's traditionally high price tag.

Though cashmere sweaters and scarves can set you back many hundreds (or thousands) of dollars, however, there are a good number of retailers that offer lower-priced (though, to clarify, certainly not cheap) cashmere these days. Above, I've gathered six of Lucky's favorite sources, all of which stock cashmere knits for under $200—a comparative bargain when you're talking about sweaters this inherently luxe. Check 'em out!

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