Alexa Chung Will Launch Her Own Fashion Line In 2014

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Everything's coming up roses for Alexa Chung. Not only did 2013 bring the launch of her makeup collaboration with Eyeko, but she also turned 30 and, importantly, rode a mechanical bull earlier this month while at Chanel's Métiers d'Arts show in Dallas. Needless to say, the stylish Brit has had quite an exciting year, but we've just learned 2014 is going to be even bigger: Alexa Chung will be launching her own fashion line come next year.

After spending a year and a half at the British broadcasting station Fuse TV, the model-TV presenter is taking time off from a nine-to-five job to do something a little more personal and creative: fulfilling her lifelong dream of creating a fashion line. "I've kind of been doing Eyeko, I wrote a book, I did Fuse every day, and various other design gigs and DJing," Chung told Fashionista last week. "So this will be the first time to actually sort of sit down and think about it. I'm going to get it off the ground hopefully in 2014."

What can we expect from the yet-to-be-named label? Well, lots of collars, prints and denim, per Chung's personal aesthetic. But alas, no cat things. Really: "I feel like Miu Miu's done it, Tabitha Simmons has done it, Charlotte Olympia… Maybe it's time to give cats a rest."

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