Thanks To American Hustle, We're Predicting A Wrap Dress Renaissance

We couldn't get enough of the '70s-glam costumes in American Hustle—and are predicting a major wrap dress moment in early 2014. Click through to shop some of our current (modern-day) favorites!

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Did you see American Hustle last weekend? If not, I highly recommend you head to your nearest theater ASAP—not only does it feature some of this year's finest big-screen performances, but also some of the best big-screen costumes. To bring the groovy '70s back to life, costume designer Michael Wilkinson dressed actresses Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence in dresses from Diane von Furstenberg and Halston—two of the period's most popular labels—along with gargantuan furs, platform sandals and golden horsebit jewelry from Gucci. (Don't even get us started on the guys' wardrobes—between Christian Bale's character's vests and ascots and Bradley Cooper's leather jackets and gold chains, you've truly got to see it to believe it.)

My personal favorite sartorial standout in American Hustle, however, would have to be the impressive collection of wrap dresses worn by Adams' character Sydney Prosser. From a stunning, shimmering champagne number seen during a pivotal scene in a nightclub to the many jersey iterations she sports while on the job, these plunging cross-front frocks are the very epitome of sexy '70s glamour. And while we certainly wouldn't recommend you wear your wrap the way Prosser does—sans bra and draped open to the navel—unless you're headed to a costume party at a roller rink, the dress that serves as the base of this look can be styled in myriad ways for either work or play. Under a blazer and paired with opaque tights and classic pumps, it's perfect for the office; topped with a fur vest and worn with knee-high boots, it's a cocktail party ensemble that nods to the disco era. At the very least, it making me seriously consider taking the fuchsia DVF wrap dress I've owned since college—but haven't worn in years—out for a spin. Now, who has a floppy, wide-brimmed hat I can borrow?

Click through above to shop some of my current favorite wrap dresses on the market—along with a cross-front jumpsuit for good measure—and to peep some more stills of the gorgeous Amy Adams in American Hustle.

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