The 19 Best and Buzziest Celebrity Instagrams of 2013

Beyoncé Announces Her Surprise Album

In early December, Beyoncé made music history, shocking the world by announcing the arrival of her new visual album during the middle of the night—via Instagram. Complete with 14 songs and 17 videos, Beyoncé went on to become iTunes’ fastest-selling album ever. All in a day’s work, right?

via Instagram/@beyonce

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2013 was a stellar year for social media, with a handful of celebs dipping their toes into Instagram for the first time and tons of A-list social media regulars sharing some of their best snapshots yet. But while a number of these photos caught our eye simply for being beautiful, others raised eyebrows across the globe. From big baby reveals to skin-baring selfies to daring haircuts, numerous 'grams shook up the online space in a big way.

Click through above to see the 19 Instagrams (okay, one of which is a Twitter pic and one we found on Facebook) we consider to be the best and buzziest of 2013! Did we leave anything out?

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