No Surprise Here: BEYONCÉ Is Officially The Fastest-Selling iTunes Album Ever

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Three days later, and the world is still reeling from Beyoncé's surprise reveal for her fifth, self-titled album—complete with 14 brand-new tracks and 18 masterfully-done music videos. You weren't the only one who spent the majority of your weekend camped out beneath your comforter watching "Yoncé" on repeat (we did that, too) and can now perfectly lip-sync to every single song.

"Bey fever," in other words, is a universal epidemic.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the 32-year-old icon has quite literally shattered iTunes Store records; according to Apple, BEYONCÉ has become the fastest-selling album ever thanks to an unprecedented 828,773 albums sold—in just its first three days! As a comparison, Katy Perry's fourth and most recent album Prism sold an impressive 286,000 copies in its first week. Yeah.

If you're reading this and, for some reason, haven't given BEYONCÉ a solid listen-through yet, hopefully we've convinced you to shell out that $15.99. Your eyes and ears will thank you!

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