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Finishing all your holiday shopping in the first week of December? Now that would be something to celebrate. Click through to make it happen.
For Your Older Sister With the Killer Handbag Collection
Her best satchels, totes and clutches deserve an equally awesome billfold. (Tip: Ask to borrow that 2.55 you've had you eye on shortly after she opens her present—you shouldn't waste the generous mood!)
For the New-ish Friend
While not quite close enough to give her something expensive, a generic hostess gift won't work either. Something small and special, like sparkly costume earrings, is a good way to go.
For Habit-Driven Dads
Something he can wear while reading his favorite paper in his favorite shirt while drinking his favorite coffee out of the same mug he's used for 25 years.
For the Buddy With a Street Style Blog
The coolest way to keep their camera secure while flagging down girls in Kenzo sweatshirts.
For the Collegiate on Winter Break
Way cooler than what the campus store carries.
For the Too-Cool Cousin Who Always Leaves Dinner Early For A Party
She'll love you even more if you stick a mini mirror and hand sanitizer inside.
For the Friend Who Mainly Communicates Through Postcards
Since it's made of tissue thin fabric, this breezy caftan won't take much space in her carry-on to Tibet/India/some other exotic locale.
For the Most Stylish Guy In Your Life
Not a lot of dudes get excited about clothes, so be sure to give this one something gooood.
For Outdoorsy Types
Or non-outdoorsy types who like rustic-looking things—the beauty of this blanket is that it works both for camping and as a fireside throw.
For Little Kids You Don't Know That Well
If your hosts have young children, it's really thoughtful to bring them a small toy. Consider the parents' sanity, though, and make it sure it's not messy or noisy.
For Your Cashmere Snob Mother
There is, of course, a chance she might give you the same sweater (which obviously means she loves it, right?).
For Your Best Friend
It's time to upgrade on the embroidery cloth friendship bracelet you made her 15 years ago at summer camp.
For the Holiday Hostess
It's more personal than a bottle of wine, but basic enough to give to make everyone happy: stockpile a bunch before the December party circuit starts.