15 Duffle Coats To Bundle Up In This Winter

Forgiving cut, cozy hood, chunky toggles: we love everything about the duffle coat formula.

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We're not sure why, exactly, but duffle coats are the coziest kind of outerwear around. Maybe it's thanks to their no-fuss shift silhouette, so easy to layer over bulky sweaters. Or because the style's (oft fur-trimmed) hood is the best for blustery weather. And, of course, there's those trademark chunky toggles to consider—the look would be ruined with ordinary 'ole buttons.

The fact that duffle coats strike the right balance between folksy and uniform-inspired also makes them great: while there's something slightly rustic about them (like something a kindly storybook woodsman might own), they've also got this French schoolgirl thing going on. The pitch-perfect mix gives both dressy and casual ensembles that effortless je ne sais quoi we admire in the outfits of It girls like Alexa Chung (who, FYI, is a big duffle coat fan), Kate Bosworth and Diane Kruger; it says "I didn't try to look this good." Surviving winter without looking sloppy will be infinitely easier if you own toggled outerwear. Order yours now with our 15 duffle coat picks in the slideshow above.

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