Theyskens’ Theory Is No More

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Apologies for the slightly jarring headline, but we felt it necessary to break this news without sugarcoating it.

Olivier Theyskens has oh-so-subtly dropped his moniker from contemporary brand Theory after having shown separate collections at the label for the past three years. The original goal of his Theyskens' Theory line, of course, was to elevate Theory's clean, tailored aesthetic to something much more editorial—a transition the fashion world embraced with open arms. But when editors arrived at Theory's Pre-Fall 2014 preview, they learned that the two different collections would be presented as one line under the Theory label—and would continue to be shown in the same way moving forward.

Both Theory and Theyskens are keeping mum on the specifics of this change, but Theyskens himself will continue to play a large part in the design process of the new Theory. Meaning, we can continue to look forward to Theyskens' signature silk linens and decidedly '90s influence.

That being said, we're curious to see how the new and improved Theory will execute Theyskens' high-fashion vision—not to mention how it will sell. We also expect Theyskens to start paying more attention to creating his custom couture pieces, which is perfectly timed considering that the 2014 awards season is fast approaching.

Regardless, it's time to take your silk-blend Theyskens' Theory blazer to the dry cleaner, stat: that thing is officially an antique, and it's worth trying to extend its closet shelf life for as long as humanly possible.

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