The 10 Best Holiday Movie Looks Of All Time

From Sally's now-legendary New Year's Eve dress (When Harry Met Sally) to Susan's token red beret (Miracle on 34th Street), we've done our research and compiled the greatest looks from your favorite holiday movies. Click through now to see them all, and to shop out their 2013-appropriate versions!

All photos courtesy of Everett Collection

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Digital Fashion News Writer

While we've been in full holiday mode since Starbucks prematurely debuted its red cups on November 1, there's no doubt that the year's merriest season officially kicked off last Wednesday with Rockefeller Center's annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Just as those billions of volts symbolize what is truly the most wonderful time of the year, we turn to our favorite holiday flicks every year to keep our Christmas cheer high.

During our most recent viewing session, we had a thought: there are some seriously stylish ladies—or, at least, excellently executed costume design—in these movies, and they've earned some well-deserved recognition. With that in mind, we took to Netflix to gather the best holiday looks from everyone's most beloved holiday classics. Wedding dresses, berets, patterned pajama sets and peacoats galore made the cut, and we even shopped out some wearable alternatives for you.

Click through now to check out all the holiday looks, and to shop their 2013-appropriate counterparts. Happy holidays, everyone!

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