20 Cozy, Comfy Pairs of Pajamas To Slip Into This Holiday Season

Headed home for the holidays? Don't leave without some of these super-soft pajamas—they're all you'll want to wear, guaranteed.

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Every year, it's the same story: while getting ready to head home for the holidays, I stuff my suitcase with pretty dresses, cool jackets and my newest, most obsessed-over pairs of shoes—only to wear none of it once I arrive at my destination. For some reason, I always envision myself spending my time back in my native Miami Beach going out, seeing friends and generally being social—but frankly, I'm only kidding myself. No, my precious December week at home is for catching up on the TV series I haven't had time to watch (here's looking at you, Homeland), test-driving peppermint bark recipes with my sister, shopping online and maybe squeezing in a few treadmill workouts or a couple of hours out by the pool. As such, all I really wind up wearing during this merriest of times are pajamas (well, and perhaps a swimsuit at some point). So this year, I'm doing things differently. I'm going to pack several sets of PJs, a bikini and maybe one decent, presentable outfit for my trip south—and I'm carrying on my bag instead of checking it, because that's the joy of traveling light.

If you, like me, are on a quest to find the perfect holiday sleepwear, look no further than the 20 separates and sets in the slideshow above. After all, when better than the holidays to slip into something a little more comfortable?

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