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Headed home for the holidays? Don't leave without some of these super-soft pajamas—they're all you'll want to wear, guaranteed.
Insanely silky, incredibly luxe.
Kinda gives "starry night" a whole new meaning, eh?
Dream on.
Every bit as comfortable and cool as the brand's signature silk button-ups, these are probably the only PJs on the planet that I'd pay to dry clean.
Gnome is where the heart is.
Logistically tricky when it comes to using the bathroom? Sure—but it's so darn cute!
Have yourself a patriotic little Christmas.
Well, we know what Jenna Lyons will be wearing on Christmas morning.
Mismatched dots couldn't be more fun.
Thermal separates always fit the bill.
Like the old baseball tee you already sleep in, but longer and sparklier and therefore just better.
Who could resist the instant glamour factor of a patterned robe?
While not technically a nightdress and maybe a bit Martha Marcy May Marlene-esque for some, this happens to be one of my favorite pieces to sleep in. It's long enough that I can comfortably sit cross-legged in front of the TV—plus, stripes!
Nothing screams the holidays quite like head-to-toe Fair Isle.
On colder-than-cold winter nights, nothing feels as good as flannel.
Not all PJ sets need to match from head to toe. Take a look at this cami's subtle plaid straps, which make it a perfect partner for those flannel bottoms. Adorable.
Your favorite lived-in grey tee in romper form: perfection.
About a million times cheaper than that Givenchy sweatshirt every street style star owns.
Not a creature was stirring, not even a...well, you know.
This set has Taylor Swift's name written all over it.