An Ode To Kate Middleton's Impeccable Style Game This Week

Click through to see three of Kate Middleton's very recent wardrobe victories, encompassing territory that ranges from fashion-forward trousers to an envy-inducing ballgown—and shop similar pieces while you're at it, too!

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Can we venture to say that is appreciating Kate Middleton's recent style successes as much as we are? When we first caught a glimpse of the Duchess of Cambridge in a previously worn—yet just as perfect—Roland Mouret gown (shown above), we had to do a double-take. Not only did she look flawless, physically, but the dress' accessories were the perfect complement to its clean, elegant shape.

But it wasn't just this red carpet look that made us swoon. This weekend, Kate stepped out in an edgy pair of pants and that tiara (on separate occasions), once again reminding us of her styling prowess. Fit for a royal, really.

Click through to see Kate Middleton's most recent ensembles which, if you're anything like us, you'll catch yourself staring at for more than a few seconds. We've shopped them out, too, in case you'd like to join us in mimicking her outfits the best you can!

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