PSA: Kell on Earth Is Available On Netflix

Senior Digital Projects Editor

Are you heading home for Christmas? Planning a quiet New Year's Eve? I just did the same thing for Thanksgiving. Locked in the confines of my family's home, I resorted to my teenage lifestyle: television, remote controls, an indiscriminate eye for food and a healthy appetite for Netflix. My brother, our parents' older and wiser offspring, did the same.

In our Olympic lounging, we stumbled upon one of the greatest television shows on earth: Kell on Earth. It chronicles the life of Kelly Cutrone, a seasoned and infamous publicist who owns and operates the firm People's Revolution. One episode in, and I was kicking myself for forgetting just how entertaining it was. Two episodes in, and I was poised to cancel all activities for the day. By the time I finished the season, I longed for it to be 2010 again. For all the craziness that went down on that show, it's still a refreshing look at how the fashion industry operated then—and a good marker of how things have changed.

Should you find yourself at home with nothing to watch, watch Kell on Earth. It's eight hours you won't regret.

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