Four NYE Outfits Sitting In Your Closet Right Now

LBD Crusader

Obviously you have a little black dress. Time to put it to good use. The trick here will be to accessorize it within an inch of it's life. Honestly, this is the one night you can get away with it. Keep everything else completely simple. So put on every necklace you have, and maybe even use one as a headband.
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New Year's Eve is a tricky night. There's an insane expectation to send off one year with a bang and welcome another with open arms—in a really good dress and shoes. We can't help you with actual plans, but we can help you with your outfit, particularly if you find yourself in a pinch. If you're not up for a dreamy NYE dress, here's how to usher in a new year with everything you already own.

Adieu, 2013.

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