The 11 Best Presents Lucky Editors Have Ever Received

"Well, I think I just received my best-ever holiday gift today! It's from the girls at Dormify, a website that does home stuff for dorms. Basically, it's a hood, like from a hooded sweatshirt, but has a neck pillow built into it for when you travel. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm really excited—it may be the best thing I'm ever going to receive in my life! Especially since I have a six-hour flight to England for Christmas. So that's number one, and more on the budget side. Additionally, I also love getting Christmas cards this time of year. It's my favorite thing in the world when people write me handwritten notes. But the splurgiest, best Christmas present I've ever gotten is my Cartier nail bracelet from my husband. I've been told I won't be getting another present like that for awhile, though, since it was such a big one! So those are three things, at every price point, that I have liked getting." - Eva Chen, editor-in-chief
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Close your eyes for a moment and try to pick, out of every single present you've ever received, the very best one. Think of something you'd happily re-open a million times over; it's the MVP of all your past holiday celebrations, the Best Picture winner in the Academy Awards of gift-giving. Can you picture it?

The Lucky editors quoted in the slideshow above sure could. Click through for their absolute favorite gifts they've ever received.

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