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Our editors have received plenty of memorable gifts over the years. Click through for their 11 all-time favorites.
"Well, I think I just received my best-ever holiday gift today! It's from the girls at Dormify, a website that does home stuff for dorms. Basically, it's a hood, like from a hooded sweatshirt, but has a neck pillow built into it for when you travel. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm really excited—it may be the best thing I'm ever going to receive in my life! Especially since I have a six-hour flight to England for Christmas. So that's number one, and more on the budget side. Additionally, I also love getting Christmas cards this time of year. It's my favorite thing in the world when people write me handwritten notes. But the splurgiest, best Christmas present I've ever gotten is my Cartier nail bracelet from my husband. I've been told I won't be getting another present like that for awhile, though, since it was such a big one! So those are three things, at every price point, that I have liked getting." - Eva Chen, editor-in-chief
"A giant black cashmere blanket from Hermès—I got it 1,000 years ago and it's still the most stealth-deluxe item in existence." - Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director
"Christmas came early this past Thanksgiving when my boyfriend's mom gave me the BEST gift ever: the most beautiful hand-rolled silk scarf I ever laid eyes on, with a tiled black-and-white print of our dog Artie! She got the idea from internet browsing and customized it through" - Melissa Lum, accessories editor
"I always love getting olive oil, but my favorite gift ever was a Tim Walker book from my friend. It's something I always wanted but never got for myself!" - Anne Keane, fashion director
"Last year, I spent the holidays in London with my family—my sister was finishing up a semester studying abroad there—and on one of our last days in the city, we wandered into the Mulberry flagship on New Bond Street. I'd been obsessing over the brand's mini Del Rey bags for months at that point—I have a thing for duffels and am a major Lana Del Rey fan—and just wanted to check out the versions on display. Then, to my complete surprise, my parents bought one for both me and my sister for Chanukah. I love the fact that we now have matching bags (hers is camel, mine black), and every time I carry my little Del Rey–which I do no less than three times per week, since it's insanely versatile and the perfect size—it reminds me of that fun-filled trip!" - Elana Fishman, senior digital editor
"Growing up, I spent years—literal years—campaigning for a beagle puppy, only to be secretly disappointed every birthday and Christmas when I wasn't presented with a dog complete with a big red bow around its neck. On Christmas Eve of 1996, my not-even-one-year-old brother and I had opened all of my presents when my dad went into the basement and brought up a months-old beagle puppy, whom I randomly named Jewel. The three of us—Jewel, my brother and I—were inseparable after that. Jewel has since passed away (RIP), but it goes down in history as the best Christmas ever in the Brannigan household!" - Maura Brannigan, digital fashion news writer
"My mom is the best, but she's sometimes so off with gifts when she tries to give me clothing (too-large sweaters that might be chicly loose-fitting…but aren't) or books (stodgy literature from not this century)—but the best thing ever was this humongous vintage African woven basket she unearthed at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market (39th Street and 9th Avenue on Saturdays and Sundays…I like the vendors better on Sundays). It's this beautiful shape, the handle is smooth and arched and sturdy, and it's the perfect place to stow tights/socks/gloves." - Megan O'Neill, senior associate beauty editor
"My husband and I had talked about getting a dog for years, but he always came up with some excuse why we couldn't. I was browsing one afternoon last year, spotted baby Merle, and knew he was the one. My husband ran down the same old list of reasons why having a dog was a bad idea while secretly filling out adoption forms and renting a car to drive to Passaic (where Merle and his litter mates had been abandoned). I came home from work and there he was, waiting for me (and peeing on the floor). That first night, I spent at least 15 minutes setting up his new crate and filling it with soft blankets and little toys so he would feel safe and comfy. When it was time for him to go to sleep, he took on look at the crate and then climbed up into my lap and started snoring seconds later. Best. Present. Ever." - Jayna Maleri, senior fashion writer
"My Kindle Paperwhite! I never go anywhere without it." - Laurel Pantin, market editor