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Relax! We've got 23 great gifts sure to please the pickiest people on your list (and everyone else, too!). Click through to shop our picks now.
"If the person celebrates Christmas—child or adult, male or female—they will love The Father Christmas Letters by J.R.R. Tolkien. Tolkien wrote (and gorgeously, gorgeously illustrated) these letters to his kids every year, pretending to be Father Christmas. They are beautiful and hilarious. Hoard a stack of them and hand them out to everyone! They're on Amazon and Barnes & Noble—but from sellers, not in print right now. But not wildly expensive!" - Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director
"Starbucks gift card! I know it's lame and basically like handing someone cash, but who doesn't like that??" - Alexis Bryan Morgan, executive fashion director
"All adults (and some high school students) must have a copy of Hilton Als' White Girls, which just came out and is brilliant and inspiring and like nothing else you've ever read. (Full disclosure: Hilton Als is a friend of mine, but it makes White Girls no less fantastic!)" - Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director
"I know candles are widely considered a lame gift, but I love receiving them and one of my gift-giving philosophies is to give what you wouldn't mind receiving. Diptyque candles are my favorite and these two scents are perfectly woodsy and wintery. I usually have a bunch on hand so when I find myself in need of a last-minute Christmas or hostess gift, I'm ready to go. This kind is pretty much suitable for anyone." - Julia Kalachnikoff, accessories director
"Food! Have you ever met anyone who wasn't excited by a tasty, surprise treat? Cookies are always a good bet (I love Momofuku Milk Bar's or Levain Bakery's behemoth creations—both of which ship country-wide.) But if I have time, and I'm shopping for someone out of New York City, I'll put together a few of my favorite NYC-centric products—like Brooklyn-made honey (I buy mine at Court Street Grocers in Carroll Gardens), any of the aforementioned cookies, extra virgin olive oil from Frankies 457 (not at all incidentally also located in Carroll Gardens—but also available online!), Kings County Jerky, Grady's Cold Brew Coffee, or Rick's Picks pickles. The options are endless—and it's a safe bet that there will be plenty of locally-made items in your neck of the woods, too!" - Verena von Pfetten, executive digital editor
"Back in middle school, baskets of Bath & Body Works goodies were my go-to gifts—and to this day, I still refuse to give fragrance-free holiday presents (although my taste has, shall we say, evolved over the years). Candles are to grown-ups what cucumber melon lotion is to tweens—so I stockpile delicious-smelling ones in pretty holders just before the holidays hit. While certain candles are guaranteed to be hits year-round (Diptyque's Baies, Le Labo's Santal 26 and Tocca's Cleopatra come to mind), I especially like going the extra mile and gifting ones that are seasonally-appropriate. I have a feeling that Diptyque's Pine Bark minis are going to wind up under a lot of my friends' trees this Christmas!" - Elana Fishman, senior digital editor
"A nice bottle of Tequila. I like 7 Leguas Reposado—delicioso!" - Laurel Pantin, market editor
"The best thing about the Sephora Favorites box sets is that it's like the gift that keeps on giving. Their fragrance samplers lets them try 14 luxe perfumes, and then they can  go to Sephora to redeem the included scent certificate for a free full-size bottle of their favorite one. Perfumes are so personal, so it takes the guessing game out of gift-buying." - Christa Lee, digital beauty editor
"People always give red wine or champagne, but the thing you run out of is white. Sofia Coppola's Chardonnay is new this year, SO delicious, comes in the most gorgeous bottle…HEAVEN!" - Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director
"A gift card for a massage at a beautiful spa is a foolproof gift. Everyone loves massages, though a lot of people don't want to spend money on something so opulent and self-indulgent. This forces the workaholic in your life into a state of relaxation, which is truly the ultimate gift. In New York, Haven Spa in Soho is a favorite of mine, though I hear Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa at The Plaza offers complimentary wine. Double win!" - Kristie Dash, assistant to the editor-in-chief
"Mark my words: one can never have too much stationery. A cheery, simple holiday set goes a long way with anyone who's remotely detail-oriented. You can also opt for a basic monogram instead, but only if you know the gift's recipient well enough. I'm buying these bright red holiday cards from Sugar Paper for myself to distribute all season long." - Maura Brannigan, digital fashion news writer
"You really can't go wrong with champagne. It makes an especially excellent hostess gift since it's fun to crack open at the party for everyone to enjoy, but it's also great for co-workers, bosses and friends. Veuve is the gold standard. If you're bringing to a party, make sure it's chilled. Otherwise get the kind that comes in a box (bonus if it's a cool special-edition one) that feels extra fancy. Since it's a bit of a generic present, a good card is a must!" - Hayley Phelan, fashion features editor
"Baggu, obviously! The leather pouches are perfect for everyone, they feel super luxe and they don't cost a fortune." - Jayna Maleri, senior fashion writer
"All persons are tired of candles, but all would DIE for a candle from Diptique, Cire Trudon or Astier de Villette." - Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director
"I bought five of these insanely cute leather keychain pouches from Baggu to give as gifts. I kept the gold one for myself and haven't misplaced my keys since. Only $18 each!" - Liz Kiernan, special sections director
"These hammered bangles look and feel way more expensive than they are. Get a set of three and give one to each of your three bests." - Liz Kiernan, special sections director
"A cashmere throw is always a good go-to! Attach a note that says 'Wishing you lots of sweet dreams' and you are set!" - Lisa Goldstien, fashion market assistant