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Congrats! You just won the imaginary lottery. Here's what to buy, according to our editors.
"I would buy the entire Spring 2014 Dries Van Noten collection, and the Pre-Fall 2014 Chanel collection and a ranch house in Texas with a herd of white angora goats." - Laurel Pantin, market editor
Birkin Bag
"A customized Hermès Birkin bag…35cm black with red inside and gold jewelry…" - Lisa Goldstein, fashion market assistant
"I'd buy everything in the Valentino store—but especially this breathtaking dress, which at $25,000 makes their $3,000-plus dresses (which I desperately want too!) seem like a bargain." - Laura Morgan, special projects director
"I've coveted one of Chanel's quilted 2.55 Reissue bags for ages—but they're so incredibly pricey that I've never been able to pull the trigger. With a cool $550 million in my pocket, though, it'd be the first thing I'd purchase. Heck, I'd get one of the brand's Boy bags, too! BECAUSE I COULD." - Elana Fishman, senior digital editor
"If I won the Mega Millions jackpot, I'd buy every woman in the world a pair of Daryl K leather leggings!" - Liz Kiernan, special sections director
"When I shop, there's always one or two pieces I stumble upon that are so absurdly ridiculous I would never ever be able to rationalize an occasion for them. I love (worship, even) Chanel quilted bags of all makes and models, but those Spring 2013 mini hula hoop bags have prominently remained in my dreams for months and months. I figure that the bag is just crazy enough that I would take it everywhere for a splash of fashion insanity." - Maura Brannigan, digital fashion news writer
"I would keep Caitlin Mociun on retainer and she would be my personal jeweler. She could make me a new custom ring for every day of the year!" - Jayna Maleri, senior fashion writer
"Is there an explanation needed? Probably not." - Kristie Dash, assistant to the editor-in-chief
"I would buy this and just stand outside in the cold telling people how much it costs." - John Jannuzzi, senior digital projects editor