Five Perfect New Year's Eve Outfits, Five Different Locations


Everyone and their sister's going to go for something short, tight and sparkly this New Year's Eve—so why not keep them on their toes by opting for a sleek, super-cool jumpsuit instead? Paired with dramatic earrings and glittery pumps, it makes for a perfect all-in-one party ensemble.
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I've experienced a wide variety of New Year's Eve celebrations over the years. Back in my high school days, I'd typically park myself on the couch at home and watch the ball drop with my family by my side and a mug of tea in my hands. In college, I once shelled out an unspeakable sum of cash to spend the last day of the year at a club in downtown Manhattan (yeah, never again). Nowadays, I often head back home to Miami to do New Year's Eve in South Beach—hello, 85-degree weather! And this year, I'm off to Austin, Texas, where I'll be ringing in 2014 by setting off fireworks in an open field (OK, or maybe just observing) and toasting to the new year with a frosty beer.

My point here is that your New Year's Eve outfit should reflect where you're actually spending the holiday. While most people associate NYE with beaded minis and sky-high platform heels, such looks might feel entirely out of place at an end-of-the-year party in, say, Missoula. To wit, I've put together five head-to-toe New Year's Eve outfits in the slideshow above, each suited for a different far-flung locale. So whether you'll be welcoming 2014 at home, by the shore or in the mountains, you're sure to find something to suit your celebration.

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