Eight New Year's Style Resolutions You Should Absolutely Make—And Keep

Click through for eight New Year's style resolutions that are totally worth making—and keeping.

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New year, new you—right? Well, that's the idea behind those hard-to-keep resolutions you probably make at the end of every December. Whether you vow to visit the gym at least three times per week (yeah, right) or swear to start eating healthier (but that Domino's order tracker is just so hard to resist!), you always aim to kick off January on a virtuous note—and if you're in the majority, you scrap said resolutions sometime the following month.

The eight style-related resolutions in the slideshow above, however, should prove quite a bit easier to maintain. From wearing more color to picking a brand-new personal fashion muse, they're challenges any clothing-conscious reader can (and should!) follow through on. Click through above to learn why—and if you've got your own New Year's style resolutions to tackle, please share them with us!

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