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Click through for eight New Year's style resolutions that are totally worth making—and keeping.
Wear more color.
Stuck in a rut of basic black and grey? You're not the only one! Neutrals are wonderful—but in 2014, why not branch out by introducing more vibrant hues into your wardrobe? Bold red and eye-catching cobalt were big trends at the Spring 2014 shows—and of course, you can't forget about Radiant Orchid.
Dare to wear a crop top—finally!
I know, I know—the half-shirt's intimidating. But if recent runways are any indication, the belly-baring trend's here to stay for at least another season, so why not hop on board? At the very least, this resolution will go hand in hand with that "get fit!" promise you make to yourself every New Year's Eve.
Give gender-bending a try.
No, we're not suggesting you try out for the next season of RuPaul's Drag Race (much as we love that show). But if you generally go for nipped-waist dresses and A-line skirts, why not give an oversized vest or cropped trousers a try? Likewise, if you've got a tomboyish sense of style, 2014's the perfect time to pick up a pair of kitten heels or a top-handled lady bag. Go ahead, play against type—you might just find that you love it.
Find your new style muse(s).
It can be incredibly helpful to look to your favorite stars when shopping and generally getting dressed. That's not to say you should copy their looks piece for piece, but having your own fashion muse helps you further develop and strengthen your own style sense. If it's been awhile since you found a celeb whose wardrobe speaks to you, why not do some legwork and find a new one—or several—in early 2014? (Hint: Our Lucky It List and 25 Favorite Street Style Stars stories are two good places to start your search!) Once you find an inspiring star, use Pinterest, a desktop folder on your computer or even an old-fashioned bulletin board to organize street style snapshots and red carpet photos; then, let those outfits inform your own ensembles.
Chop chop!
Seriously, a dramatic haircut can do wonders for your self-esteem and overall outlook on life. Earlier this year, I lopped off six inches and am already looking to go shorter; meanwhile, Verena just got bobbed yesterday! Everyone associates summertime with shorter hair, so why not mix it up and get yours cut at the very beginning of 2014?
Do a closet purge.
John's already surveyed his wardrobe and unloaded his unwanted clothes; now, it's your turn. Take advantage of those snowy early January weekends and go through your own closet item by item. If you spy something that no longer fits (and couldn't be fixed with a trip to the tailor), is completely outdated, no longer suits your style or that you haven't worn in a year, get it the heck out of there! Consign anything from a recognizable brand or designer; donate the rest. Your wardrobe, after all, should be full of clothes you truly love—and actually wear. For best results, institute this wardrobe purge on a seasonal basis.
Invest in the good stuff.
January's the perfect time to take stock of what you need—and, OK, want—wardrobe-wise. And while fast fashion purchases are great, why not set some cash aside for a few big-ticket, non-trendy items you'll wear for seasons to come? Whether it's a gorgeous camel coat, a classic designer bag, a pretty and practical watch or a pair of perfect patent pumps, now is the prime time to pick it up.
Take better care of your closet.
Your clothes and accessories are precious, and (hopefully) get tons of wear—so show them some love this year! Resolve to take beloved shoes that have seen better days to the cobbler, and don't neglect those piles of dry cleaning. For broken zippers, unraveling stitches, too-long pants and pieces that don't fit you absolutely perfectly, head to the tailor for a quick (but invaluable) fix. Oh, and don't underestimate the power of dry cleaning your winter coats and scarves from time to time. They'll look—and feel—like new again!