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Click through for 21 sequin-free holiday dresses guranteed to turn heads.
On chillier evenings, so good with a cropped tuxedo jacket.
Just enough embellishment without being over-the-top.
Daisy Buchanan on a Harley Davidson comes to mind.
Hits a sweet spot between printed and solid.
Such a subtle way to do stripes.
Jessica Rabbit meets Aphrodite.
Rayanne Graff fans, this one's for you.
What surfer girls wear to holiday parties.
Pleats and plenty of flounce make this is a perfect dancing dress.
An elegant leopard print: it's possible!
Always pair it with bright red ipstick.
If your party's at a cocktail lounge or buzzy new restaurant.
What would Michelle Obama do? Put a cardigan over this, of course.
Silver party accessories work best with the opalescent shade.
Velvet seems so regal in deep hunter green.
So sweet and retro, like something Betty Draper might wear.
Anyone who goes straight from work to events needs to own this.
Because you don't have to dress in red or green.
When it's too cold to go sleeveless, layer it over a thin white turtleneck.
The moody older sister of Carrie Bradshaw's infamous pink tutu.