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New Year's Eve is almost here—do you know what you're wearing yet? Click through to decide.
Channel-Flipping at Home
Perhaps the more underrated of ways to ring in the new year, spending the evening of December 31 at home on your couch is kind of the best. You have access to all the Times Square coverage minus the crowds and the cold, and there's no pressure to have a good time because it's New Year's Eve, and that's what you're supposed to do. But best of all, you have free reign to enjoy it all in your pajamas—so take advantage! Wear the cutest ones possible!
Watching the Ball Drop
So you've decided to brave the madness that is Times Square on New Year's Eve, have you? Don't worry, you'll be just fine so long as you do not wear a dress and heels. Don't even think about it! It is way too cold and chaotic on 42nd Street that night for anything but flat, practical footwear and a giant parka. Remember: you can always make the look more festive with bright lipstick and colorful winter accessories.
Champagne Toasts at a Catered Cocktail Party
I said it last week, and I'll say it again: sparkly dresses feel kind of stale during the holidays. If you really want to stand out, you should show up in a bold printed piece instead, paired with dance-friendly footwear. You don't want your last memories of 2013 to involve blisters, do you?
Kicking Back at the Neighborhood Bar
You so don't want to be that girl at the bar. You know, the one who looks all try-hard in her tight dress and pumps because everyone else wore jeans? If you're going to be chilling at the local watering hole all night, your outfit has to be laid-back and cool. Denim and leather are good fabrics to go with; both are sturdy enough to handle a roomful of sloshing beer mugs.
Hanging at a Friend's House
The beauty of staying in with your buddies is that you can wear whatever you want—your friends won't judge! They love you for you! Still, pictures will probably be taken—and, more importantly, posted on Instagram—so avoid full-on PJ mode. Instead, accessorize a quilted sweatshirt and velvet pants with sparkly jewelry and makeup: the mash-up of textures makes for great photos.