Lucky's Ultimate New Year's Eve Style Guide: Perfect Outfits To Celebrate In

Watching the Ball Drop

So you've decided to brave the madness that is Times Square on New Year's Eve, have you? Don't worry, you'll be just fine so long as you do not wear a dress and heels. Don't even think about it! It is way too cold and chaotic on 42nd Street that night for anything but flat, practical footwear and a giant parka. Remember: you can always make the look more festive with bright lipstick and colorful winter accessories.
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Seeing as there's only 18 days left until December 31, I'm not going bother with suggesting dozens upon dozens of festive dress options. Fun as those might be to look at, there's no time to hem and haw over which will best suit your New Year's Eve party—if you're going to one. What if you just want to camp out at home all night? Even the most comfortable sequined mini in the world wouldn't work for that.

You probably shouldn't get too gussied up for a dinner with friends and family, either, or drinks at the local bar (walking on a sticky floor in pumps is the worst, no?); you'll just feel overdressed the entire time. Indeed, contrary to what you might see on cable television, there are tons more ways to celebrate the new year than heading to a Gatsby-worthy bash. However fancy or casual your plans are, though, you'll find the perfect outfit for them in the slideshow above. Click through to pick out your first ensemble of 2014.

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