EXCLUSIVE: Feast Your Eyes On The First Sketches From Peter Pilotto For Target!

Click through to peep four exclusive sketches of never-before-seen looks from the upcoming Peter Pilotto for Target collection!

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There are more reasons to look forward to February 2014 than just New York Fashion Week and Valentine's Day—on February 9, Peter Pilotto will unveil its nearly-70-piece collaboration for Target, which is sure to be met with the same sort of shopper hysteria that's accompanied every one of the superstore's designer team-ups to date (3.1 Phillip Lim and Missoni, anyone?!). With every piece ringing in at under $80—apparel and swimwear will cost between $14.99 and $79.99, accessories between $16.99 and $39.99—Peter Pilotto for Target will feature the same dizzying digital prints, sporty fabrics and architectural silhouettes for which the British label is known.

Click through above for four beautiful, exclusive sketches of looks from the line that you won't find anywhere else—and read on for our Q&A with the label's co-creative directors, Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos!

Lucky: How did Target initially approach you about collaborating, and what was your initial reaction?

Peter Pilotto: Before Target approached us, we knew we would want to collaborate with them. We have heard such great things about all their collaborations and were honored when they called.

Christopher De Vos: When making our final decision, we spoke to our friends at Liberty of London to better understand what the partnership would entail—they had wonderful things to say about the process and experience, which affirmed our decision.

What was your biggest concern heading into the project? What were you most excited about?

PP: We were excited to challenge ourselves as designers and introduce a collection to millions across the globe, interpreting our aesthetic into mass-produced products. It is a great feeling to know that people who aspire to own our designs will finally have the chance to purchase items that are within their budgets.

CDV: When Target came to our offices for the initial meeting, it felt very natural and relaxed and after the discussion, it was confirmed how great this partnership was going to be – that’s the way we have felt ever since.

Tell us a bit about the design inspiration behind the collection. What can we expect to see?

CDV: We wanted to analyze what is “typically us” and the “typical” color combinations we are attracted to, and translate it into the collaboration.

PP: Ultimately, our aim was to produce a collection that was fresh and summery—perfect to brighten up February, when the line will be available.

What sort of girl could you imagine wearing these pieces?

PP: The great thing about this collection, we hope, is that it will appeal to a wide audience—from a 15-year-old to a 75-year-old, everyone can find something for their wardrobe.

CDV: I completely agree. We are excited to see girls walking down the street wearing Peter Pilotto for Target; we always enjoy seeing how people style and make our pieces their own.

What was the biggest challenge you encountered while designing a collection at Target's lower price points, and how did you tackle it?

PP: Knowing the materials and fabrics would be different from what we would normally use for our high-end line, we took a different approach to creating this collection.

CDV: Overall, the process was seamless and we worked on this collection with shared goals in mind. In the end, we wanted to make sure the Target collection looked visually different to our mainline whilst still capturing the essence of Peter Pilotto. We’re very pleased with how it has turned out.

Which piece in the collection is your absolute favorite—and why?

PP: We both really love all of the swim pieces. The cropped swim top is so chic and versatile—it can be worn with our pencil skirt and canvas slip-ons and look just as good in the city or at the beach.

CDV: It’s so fun that women can own swimwear with a matching skirt and top—you can arrive on the beach and take off a layer, and underneath it’s still the same fun print.

What three words would you select to sum up the Peter Pilotto for Target collection as a whole?

CDV: Fresh, bold and flirty.

PP: Beachy, colorful and fun.

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