The Top Post-Christmas Sales Worth Shopping

Looking to spend—or better yet, save—a pretty penny after your Christmas festivities are all said and done? Look no further than this dreamy slideshow, complete with 14 tempting deals on everything from home décor to great New Year's Eve party dresses. Click through now to start shopping—and saving!

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Time to give yourself a massive pat on the back: you successfully bought, wrapped and delivered all your incredibly beautiful, thoughtful holiday gifts. That's a huge deal, and one that shouldn't be overlooked! And now, the time has come to reward yourself with a little something, just for you. No excuses here—it's certainly well deserved.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of post-holiday sales happening across the internet and in stores. Just as it's time for you to turn over a new leaf come 2014, your favorite retailers are desperate to bring in all-new merchandise (yummy!), which means one thing: discounts. Click through to see the most noteworthy deals from the post-holiday season, but just be prepared to treat yourself, big time.

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