EXCLUSIVE: Your Sneak Peek At Domino's Incredible, Affordable Home Décor Flash Sale

Step one: Click through this slideshow to check out an exclusive selection of items that will be available come Monday, when Domino's 50 percent off flash sale begins.

Step two: On Monday, December 16, head to Luckymag.com/breaks for a special Lucky code.

Step three: Click over to Domino.com with your credit card in hand to shop away!

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Digital Fashion News Writer

December is understandably not the most ideal time for furniture shopping. Between stuffing stockings and saving up for larger, more thoughtful presents, it's easy to completely disregard home décor come holiday time.

But here's why that is totally and completely wrong: recently-revived home décor publication Domino is holding a pretty incredible flash sale on Monday, December 16, and it's packed with a large variety of items that'll be going for 50 percent off. All you'll need to do to access the sale is enter a special, Lucky-exclusive code—which you can find by heading to Luckymag.com/breaks on Monday.

And while you won't be able to actually shop Domino.com's glorious selection of stylish, contemporary home furnishings (and even jewelry!) until Monday at 11 am EST, you can click through this exclusive selection of pieces now that will be on sale. By the way, the sale will last for just 24 hours (it ends at 11 am EST on Tuesday), so mark your calendars and save while you can!

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