Taylor Swift's Style Evolution: A Study

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Friday confession: If I were suddenly granted access to every A-list closet in Hollywood, I'd probably raid Taylor Swift's first. The singer—who turns 24 today!—is so completely committed to her signature look, a mix of '50s-housewife prim and proper and fairytale-inspired sparkle, that you can only applaud her sartorial efforts. I first began to take notice of her outfits when she kicked off the promotional tour for her 2012 album Red; from that point on, Taylor's never failed to thrill me on the red carpet. But unlike a great many celebs who bring their A game at big-deal events and then dress in sweats and flip-flops every weekend, this girl never drops the ball while off duty. Nope, even when she's snapped trekking through an airport or baking with friends at home (which, yes, is something she does with impressive regularity), Taylor never looks less than flawless.

But here's the thing: this country-pop crossover superstar wasn't always a best-dressed contender. In fact, when she first hit the scene in the mid-aughts, the then-16-year-old strictly adhered to a uniform of cowboy boots and spaghetti-strapped dresses. And while there's nothing wrong with a little Western footwear every now and then (just ask Isabel Marant!), it's pretty incredible how far Swift's come since those days—both professionally and sartorially. Don't believe me? Click through above to see Taylor Swift's incredible transformation from curly-haired, cowboy-boot-wearing country songstress to international pop phenomenon.

Happy birthday, Taylor!

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