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Click through to see Taylor Swift's incredible transformation from curly-haired, cowboy-boot-wearing country songstress to international pop phenomenon.
April 2006
Back before she really hit it big, Taylor dressed like the (admittedly very pretty) girl next door. Check out those embellished-to-match shoes!
November 2006
Taylor used to abide by one cardinal style rule: Wear cowboy boots with everything. Even if the boots in question happen to be more heavily tattooed than Lisbeth Salander.
May 2007
To be fair, everybody tries to dress like Holly Golightly at one point or another. Even yours truly.
November 2007
Taylor Swift, Renaissance woman. Literally, in this case.
November 2007
The whole look's a little Diane Keaton in Something's Gotta Give—and we're not mad about it.
February 2008
Taylor's wearable salute to Prince's "Purple Rain?" Well, this was the Grammys...
May 2008
Baby's first Met Ball!
April 2009
In her defense, most girls spent the whole of 2009 dressed like they were off to Coachella.
August 2009
See how Taylor's swapped her go-to cowboy boots for sleeker black equestrian-style ones? And so the country-to-pop crossover begins...
September 2009
Red dress, red shoes, red lips. #foreshadowing
January 2010
I don't know about you, but I'm feeling this navy blue.
May 2010
It makes perfect sense that Taylor turned to Ralph Lauren to dress her for the Met Ball this year. Have you ever seen such an all-American-looking celeb?
June 2010
Taylor takes flat-ironed hair for a spin; millions of tween girls ceremoniously bury their curling wands in their backyards.
September 2010
I mean, of course those two are friends. Of course they are.
November 2010
By pairing a metallic blazer with simple skinny jeans and oxfords, Taylor shows how to make a relatively casual all-black look awards show-worthy.
February 2011
A tall drink of water, you say? No, more like a tall drink of champagne.
May 2011
The Met Ball's one of the only places a girl can get away with a dress finished with a six-foot-plus train—so obviously Tay went for it.
November 2011
Here's one of Taylor's best-ever off-duty looks, proving the girl can style herself beautifully even when there's no red carpet in the picture.
February 2012
Majorly Midas-worthy.
April 2012
In early 2012, Taylor started experimenting with sexier red carpet looks that were a far cry from her usual princess dresses. This gold-edged J. Mendel was an absolute knockout.
May 2012
And this Elie Saab! At this point, I think it's safe to say that Taylor and her once-beloved cowboy boots were never, ever getting back together.
August 2012
Fun fact: Shortly after this picture was snapped, Taylor broke into an impromptu rendition of "Summer Nights" from Grease.
September 2012
October 2012
The songstress takes style cues from Mad Men's Betty Francis; we swoon.
October 2012
I'm still not over this plaid skirt, people. And it's been over a year.
October 2012
Taylor's known for sporting some pretty wacky getups while on stage—marching band uniforms, corseted ballgowns, pajamas—and yet these pretty black separates she wore for a performance on Good Morning America are just so, so good. Not to mention infinitely more wearable.
November 2012
A "State of Grace," indeed.
December 2012
This is perhaps the most leather I've ever seen Taylor wear at one time—there's a moto jacket, leather pants and knee-high boots in the mix—and yet it all works. Very The Matrix (The Tay-trix?).
December 2012
Taylor knows what the fox says (um, I'm talking about the one on her sweater—not Harry Styles).
February 2013
This makeshift harness situation on the bodice of Taylor's J. Mendel is the closest the girl will ever get to anything Fifty Shades of Grey-esque. And you've got to love the fact that she countered it with a Heidi-style braided updo.
May 2013
Pretty (and quite edgy by Swift standards) as this is, I'm not quite sure it falls into the "punk" dress code this past year's Met Ball requested. Oh, Taylor. Always causing trouble (trouble, trouble).
May 2013
I love how the "haters" this tee calls out are precisely the type of people who'd criticize anyone who wore a shirt with a unicorn on it. I see what you did there, girl.
September 2013
Those sideswept bangs are new! Also, here's proof that Taylor should wear prints more often.
November 2013
"You sound like you're from London!"
November 2013
Think Prince William invited Taylor to his party after seeing that Union Jack getup?