Winter White Master Class: Five Ways To Get The Look Right

2. Swap Your Blue Jeans For White

This is a simple switch that works for any denim-based outfit, whether the other pieces are colorful, neutral or a mix of both—so don't worry about messing up! Unless you throw a matching jacket in there (total overkill) as well, you won't. If you need formula to follow, though, mixing your white jeans with understated pieces in black and deep gray is a good way to go. It makes for the kind of cool minimalist look you'd see on an off-duty model.

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Sometime in the last decade—exactly when, I'm not sure—the "no white after Labor Day" rule died. These days, cool girls thread the shade formerly exclusive to summer parties through their winter ensembles in variety of ways. White coats, white denim, white boots, white everything—it all goes.

The secret to their winter white success (and yours!) can be found in the slideshow above, which outlines five failsafe rules for wearing the non-color during cold weather months. Click through to nail the look all season long.

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