Winter White Master Class: Five Ways To Get The Look Right

5. Get An All-White Manicure

Can't deal with the idea of wearing stain-prone clothing in the season of slush? You can always do blinding white nail polish instead. To get the look perfect, remember these two things: 1. An opaque lacquer is key—sheer doesn't provide enough contrast against a darker ensemble. 2. A few chips and dents will ruin the effect, so always have the right color on hand for quick touch-ups.

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Sometime in the last decade—exactly when, I'm not sure—the "no white after Labor Day" rule died. These days, cool girls thread the shade formerly exclusive to summer parties through their winter ensembles in variety of ways. White coats, white denim, white boots, white everything—it all goes.

The secret to their winter white success (and yours!) can be found in the slideshow above, which outlines five failsafe rules for wearing the non-color during cold weather months. Click through to nail the look all season long.

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