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Few things make a bigger impact than white during the winter. Click though for five ways to get the look.
1. Add Black Tights
Perhaps it's possible to pull off colored and printed hosiery with just the right snow-hued ensemble, but solid black usually looks better. Whether opaque or sheer, the style never seems trendy or try-hard, so you'll get tons of white outfit options out of just one pair.
2. Swap Your Blue Jeans For White
This is a simple switch that works for any denim-based outfit, whether the other pieces are colorful, neutral or a mix of both—so don't worry about messing up! Unless you throw a matching jacket in there (total overkill) as well, you won't. If you need formula to follow, though, mixing your white jeans with understated pieces in black and deep gray is a good way to go. It makes for the kind of cool minimalist look you'd see on an off-duty model.
3. Make Your Non-White Pieces Pastel
The secret to mixing multiple spring colors in the dead of winter comes down to one word: fabric. Take care to choose pieces made from heavier materials with lots of texture (velvet, satin, wool and leather are all good examples), and you can't go wrong.
4. Stock Up On White Sweaters
If there was a book called Winter White For Dummies, this would be the first lesson in Chapter One. A chunky cloud-colored knit is cozy, cute and—most importantly!—a no-brainer to style. Pair yours with almost any dress, shirt or pair of pants to sneak more white into your winter wardrobe.
5. Get An All-White Manicure
Can't deal with the idea of wearing stain-prone clothing in the season of slush? You can always do blinding white nail polish instead. To get the look perfect, remember these two things: 1. An opaque lacquer is key—sheer doesn't provide enough contrast against a darker ensemble. 2. A few chips and dents will ruin the effect, so always have the right color on hand for quick touch-ups.