How To Wear Your New Year's Dress All Year Long

The New Year's Eve Look: Little Miss Disco-Ball

The Casual Look: Tomboy Femme

How To Pull It Off: A long slouchy gray sweatshirt is key to playing down a sparkly mini dress. By covering up your entire torso, it makes the twinkle-factor less overwhelming and more acceptable for everyday. You'll want to finish the outfit with equally unfussy footwear, like high-top sneakers or moto boots.

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After the Times Square ball has dropped, after all the champagne has been toasted and everyone sings a round of Auld Lang Syne, after you've stumbled home and fallen into bed—fully clothed, of course—and after you wake up the next morning ready for your first Bloody Mary of 2014, it's time to deal with your party dress. Although your first instinct might be to hide it in a dusty closet corner before heading to brunch because, like, you'll never, ever use it again, I'm here to tell you otherwise. Styled right, even the most sparkly, spangly, quintessentially New Year's Eve-y dresses work for daytime occasions. (Just maybe not New Year's Day. You might want to get it dry-cleaned first.)

In the slideshow above, I've included casual outfit ideas that work with every kind of December 31 ensemble. Click through to enjoy five ways to wear your New Year's Eve dress year 'round.

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