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Don't give up on your New Year's Eve dress yet! No matter how fancy it seems, there's a way to wear it during the day. Click through for five great outfit ideas now.

The New Year's Eve Look: Little Miss Disco-Ball

The Casual Look: Tomboy Femme

How To Pull It Off: A long slouchy gray sweatshirt is key to playing down a sparkly mini dress. By covering up your entire torso, it makes the twinkle-factor less overwhelming and more acceptable for everyday. You'll want to finish the outfit with equally unfussy footwear, like high-top sneakers or moto boots.

The New Year's Eve Look: Legs For Days

The Casual Look: Best-Dressed At the Office

How To Pull If Off: The beauty of a shift style is it completely transforms with a simple shoe change. Whereas high heels give it a sexy long-legged spin, it's less look-at-me with flat footwear. After ringing in 2014, you can wear yours with boots, brogues and ballet slippers to work.

The New Year's Eve Look: Cocktail Party Proper

The Casual Look: Laidback Lady

How To Pull It Off: During the day, think of the style not as a fit-and-flare dress, but a pinafore. Layered atop a thin shirt and tights, it's a more playful look—and one that Alexa Chung pulls off on the regular. What better endorsement do you need?!

The New Year's Eve Look: The Not-So Basic LBD

The Casual Look: Front Row at Fashion Week

How To Pull It Off: Of the dozens of ways one can dress down an LBD, the easiest is with shrunken knit pullover. It makes for the sleek, effortless outfit that works in all situations—including being photographed for a street style blog! Accessorize the ensemble with equally minimalist accessories, like D'Orsay pumps and a black bucket bag.

The New Year's Eve Look: Velvet Goddess

The Casual Look: Coolest Girl at the Party

How To Pull It Off: To balance the slinky va-va-voom-ery of a fitted plush column, you need strong, no-nonsense accessories. Makes it work with an oversized moto vest, chunky peep-toes mules and heavy, substantial jewelry. Remember: nothing dainty! Nothing girly! Nothing you'd ever see Zooey Deschanel wear!