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American Eagle's youthful lingerie brand Aerie has been making waves for its series of totally au naturel campaign images. Click through to see them all now.

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Shortly after a certain women's news site offered to pay $10,000 to see the unretouched versions of Lena Dunham's February Vogue cover shoot photos, American Eagle's youthful lingerie brand, Aerie, responded in an incredibly effective—and timely—way: by featuring completely unretouched models in its latest advertising campaign.

True, the fashion and beauty industries are by nature looks-obsessed. Just as often one media outlet regularly nips and tucks via Photoshop, another is crusading for the realistic portrayal of women's bodes. While this ebb and flow may simply be an innate characteristic of the adult fashion world, it is quite another beast when such unfeasible norms are mass-marketed to younger shoppers—many of whose bodies have yet to fully develop and mature.

Enter Aerie. In an interview with ABC News, one of the label's style and fit experts, Jenny Altman, explained, "We left everything: beauty marks, tattoos. It's a selling point because our customers represent this great demographic and they don’t get to see what girls their age really look like."

It's as much an issue of respect as it is of empowerment. We applaud Aerie for spotlighting beautiful women who display tattoos, birthmarks and even stretch marks while modeling its products—which is much more advantageous to females than divisively flaunting pre-Photoshopped editorial images, don't you think?

Click through above now to see all of Aerie's latest campaign shots in all their unretouched, natural glory.

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