PHOTO: Beyoncé's Makeup-Free Instagram Selfie Makes Us Love Her Even More

Digital Fashion News Writer

via Instagram/@beyonce

Sunday night's Grammy Awards showcased Beyoncé at her best, looking killer in a La Perla cage situation while cozying up to her swagger-filled hubby, Jay Z. Bey looked, sounded and radiated all things awe-inspiring during her "Drunk in Love" performance, and at the time, we weren't sure if she could possibly get any more (Sasha) fierce.

And then, this makeup-less Instagram selfie happened.

With nary a caption (of course), Queen B gave us an exclusive, insider shot of her face sans foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, hair product, etc.—and it's awesome in the "Stars! They're Just Like Us" sense. We all wake up every morning and have to confront our post-slumber, au naturel faces in the mirror, but some of us just look, well, like Beyoncé when doing it.

Also of note are her stark white bedsheets, which could now very well sell out at every home furnishings store in America.

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