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Join us in giving up a latté here or there so you can walk away with one of these scrumptious investment pieces by December. Click through now to see and shop your inspiration.
A Cashmere Cable Knit Sweater
A thick, oversized cashmere crewneck sweater (preferably in a cream cable knit) is one of our most highly valued wardrobe essentials. It's endlessly versatile (wear it with a button-up, jeans, your favorite pajama bottoms, etc.)—and if you invest in one that's well-made and high quality, you'll have it forever.
Riding Boots
One of the most timeless items in this list is the brown or black riding boot. A good pair with great support and a simple style can instantly become one of your wardrobe's permanent pieces—and you won't have to replace them for decades.
A Perfect Black Bag
A perfect, classic black bag is and will always be a good purchase. Bite the bullet and invest in one you love now and it will make you insanely happy (and stylish) for years to come.
A Really Nice Bathing Suit
Bathing suits can all too often seem like an afterthought—but once summer hits and you're fortunate enough to be presented with an impromptu beach trip, you can find yourself in a bit of a wardrobe pickle. Buy a beautiful, expensive bathing suit you can keep on hand for such spontaneous outings or exotic vacations.
An Interesting Cocktail Dress
The Holiday Party Dress Dilemma: it happens every single year. We know and you know it. Save yourself a lot of December worrying and decide on a fun, eye-catching style that'll make a splash come holiday season.
A Customized Sports Jersey
Well, we have to give some love to our sports fanatics. As a sports fiend, chances are you've lusted after one particular, pricey jersey for years—especially if said jersey can be personalized with your moniker. This year can (and should) be the year you save for it. You'll be happy you did.
A Pair of Leather Gloves
This may seem slightly illogical, but hear us out. What's one thing we all too often feel in the winter? Not so chic, right? And what's one easy, timeless way to remedy that situation for years to come? Leather gloves. Boom.
A Leather Jacket
Few things in life are better than a years old, worn-in leather jacket, but in order to get to that aged goodness, you have to buy it first. This is a piece we wear eight to nine months out of the year, and we couldn't recommend it more strongly.
Summer Sandals
We can't be the only ones who wear our favorite summer sandals to death—literally, to the point where we have no choice but to throw them out come September. But a pair of sturdy, incredibly well-made sandals last more than one season, even if you wear them every single day.
A Perfect-Fitting Pair of Jeans
What's a better investment than an incredibly flattering pair of jeans? Whatever the wash, whatever the style, jeans are a purchase 99 percent of us will love and have the potential to wear every day.