It Took 30 Hours To Make Each Pair Of Chanel's Spring 2014 Couture Sneakers

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We've never ones to shy away from unconventional trends on the runways and on the shopping racks. When Birkenstock- and Teva-like shoes began repeatedly cropping up on the Spring 2014 runways (Marc Jacobs and Prada included), we embraced the oncoming era of the comfortable, "ugly" shoe with open arms. But regardless of what we say, it's not really a "thing" until Karl Lagerfeld says so himself.

Enter Chanel's Spring 2014 Couture show yesterday, which featured Cara Delevingne in a wedding dress and flaunted two grand staircases and a live orchestra. The looks were dreamy and ethereal, showcasing pastel hues, crystal accents and sheer tulle. And then there were the sneakers.

Each and every look that came down the catwalk was paired with Chanel sneakers handmade by Massaro, a French atelier owned by the French luxury label. While all of the sneaks were daintily veiled in lace, the shades and styles ranged from lilac tweed to bejeweled black. Unsurprisingly, each pair comes with a steep price tag (according to Fashionista, more than 3,000 euros, or roughly 4,000-plus US dollars)—which makes sense when you consider the fact that each pair took a minimum of 30 hours to make.

As fashion insiders have quickly become happy to forgo heels, we have a feeling that Karl's fetish-worthy trainers just became the couture world's most desired accessory. But never fear: there are equally stylish options out there that won't break the bank.

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