Would You Rather See David Beckham #Covered Or #Uncovered?

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Getty Images via Fashionista

#Covered or #Uncovered? That's the question H&M is asking its shoppers in regards to the hotly anticipated commercial for its latest David Beckham Bodywear collection, set to air during February's Super Bowl XLVIII. And as for the ad's content, well, we can only imagine what we're in for (and prematurely so) based on the campaign's aforementioned hashtags.

According to Fashionista, H&M and Beckham filmed not one but two 30-second-long commercials to appear during the Super Bowl's commercial breaks, which fans will be able to vote on prior to the big game. While we haven't seen the two ads, we have a pretty good idea what each one has to offer, and we do hope America chooses the correct, body-baring choice. Hey, it's only our Constitutional right of freedom of speech, after all.

Well, how does one vote to see (or not see, we guess) David's allegedly stark bod? Sound off on social media, and employ the hashtag of your choice, young grasshoppers—and tune in on Sunday, Febuary 2 to watch out for the winning ad!

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