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Since it's officially the Year of the Horse, there's no better time to take style cues from the equestrian set. Click through to shop the five key pieces you'll need to master the look—all of them blue ribbon-worthy.
Horse Bit Accessories
Anything adorned with this most traditional of horsey accents will immediately lend your look some equine flair. Gucci's the obvious gold standard—that gleaming bit is part of the brand's DNA, after all—but you can find options from tons of retailers at a wide variety of price points.
Intimidating as they may seem, leather-patched riding pants can be every bit as flattering as your favorite leggings or super-skinny denim. Whether paired with knee-high boots or ballet flats (the latter look is straight out of Audrey Hepburn's playbook), these second-skin bottoms can fit seamlessly into most looks and look great paired with a chunky fisherman-style sweater or sharp blazer (more on that in a minute).
Hacking Jacket
No, not that kind of hacking. This traditional one-, two- or three-button blazer is an equestrian staple—and it looks just as good on the street as it does out on the trail. Look for one in a natty, traditional fabric—tweed, twill, wool and velvet are all good bets—just avoid anything overly modern, moto-style or otherwise avant-garde looking. Remember, the point is to look like you stepped out of a vintage issue of Horse and Hound.
Riding Boots
Perhaps the easiest way to get a piece of the look, classic riding boots are as comfortable as they are versatile. With skinny jeans tucked in, they're ideal weekend wear; paired with a circle skirt and blazer, they're office-ready. Bonus points if you pick a pair accented with silver spurs.
Saddle Bag
A clean-lined carryall is key when it comes to dressing like a horseback rider. Go for something sleek and flap-front that can be worn across the body, either with or without buckles. A satchel's another smart option.