The Five Key Pieces You Need To Master Equestrian Chic


Intimidating as they may seem, leather-patched riding pants can be every bit as flattering as your favorite leggings or super-skinny denim. Whether paired with knee-high boots or ballet flats (the latter look is straight out of Audrey Hepburn's playbook), these second-skin bottoms can fit seamlessly into most looks and look great paired with a chunky fisherman-style sweater or sharp blazer (more on that in a minute).
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During my tween and early teenage years, I spent the vast majority of my waking hours at the riding stables. Like most teenage girls, I was head-over-heels obsessed with anything and everything horse-related—but in my particular case, I probably spent more time surrounded by equines than by humans. And while my hobby of choice came with some questionable aesthetic side effects (it's really hard to comb bits of hay out of your hair, I learned—and surprisingly, not everyone enjoys eau de pony), I never quite let go of my love for equestrian style. During my riding years, weekend horse shows meant I got to suit up in my favorite breeches, tall boots and button-front jackets and feel fancy. And thanks to fashion houses like Gucci, Hermès and Ralph Lauren and style stars like Charlotte Casiraghi and the fictional Betty Draper Francis and Velvet Brown of National Velvet, it's a look that has certainly endured over the years.

Since it's officially the Year of the Horse, there's no better time to take style cues from the equestrian set. Click through above to shop the five key pieces you'll need to master the look—all of them blue ribbon-worthy.

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