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Want to know what our editor-in-chief loved most about the Spring 2014 couture shows this week? Click through now to see her high fashion countdown.
#3: The Mohawk-Inspired Hair At Chanel
"I loved the crazy hairbands at Chanel. I follow Sam McKnight, Chanel's hairstylist, on Instagram—if you're not following him, you should, because he posts amazing behind-the-scenes pictures. He posted all these pictures of Chanel's hair look and the crazy headbands—which were hairbands with hair on them—that he used to create the look. I wish that kind of windswept look would be socially acceptable to use and to wear."
#2: The Wedding Finale At Chanel
"At the same Chanel show, I loved the finale with Cara Delevingne—the couture bride—and Hudson Kroenig."
#1: Sneaker Mania!
"The last moment, which also links into Chanel (and I don't want to sound like a Chanel-holic), is something we've been seeing at a lot of shows: sneakers. Sneakers dominated the couture runways. It's an amazing moment when you realize that street style has influenced even haute couture. I think that was my favorite thing to see."