Counting Down Eva Chen's Top Three Moments From Paris Couture Week

#3: The Mohawk-Inspired Hair At Chanel

"I loved the crazy hairbands at Chanel. I follow Sam McKnight, Chanel's hairstylist, on Instagram—if you're not following him, you should, because he posts amazing behind-the-scenes pictures. He posted all these pictures of Chanel's hair look and the crazy headbands—which were hairbands with hair on them—that he used to create the look. I wish that kind of windswept look would be socially acceptable to use and to wear."


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Digital Fashion News Writer

Just before Fall 2014 fashion month officially commences with the New York shows in a mere two weeks, the fashion set gets to partake in the largest, most grandiose event of the entire fashion season. Paris Couture Week, which just concluded today, sets the trendy tone for everything from colors to embellishments (even of the swan variety) and silhouettes to shoe styles. Though our editor-in-chief, Eva Chen, followed the couture shows from a distance, she watched the presentations with an eagle eye and, like us, had her definite favorite looks and moments from the week.

Click through above now to see which looks made Eva's cut.

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