Stylish Workout Wear That Looks Like It's Right Off The Runways

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In the market for new workout gear? You're in luck! This year's chicest fitness wear can be worn anywhere—yes, even outside the gym. Click through to see our top 20 picks!


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As painful as it may be for me to admit, I went through a serious stage in my adolescence in which I almost exclusively wore gym clothes. Granted, it was a period in which I was exercising roughly 30 hours a week (fun times!)—but that certainly does not justify the habit of wearing leotards, baggy t-shirts and Adidas slip-on sandals from school to the studio and back. Let's get one thing straight now: workout clothes have come a long way since the early 2000s. Had today's fashionable sportswear designs been available back in the day, perhaps I would have snapped out of my ill-fitting (literally and figuratively) dress code more immediately.

The exercise clothes of 2014 are so stylish that keeping your New Year's resolution for a healthier and fitter you has never been easier. In a dreamy array of colorful tanks, tops, leggings, pants, shoes and more, these 20 fitness wear picks are representative of the chic goods available for gym rats of all makes and models. Click through to see—and shop—them all!

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