Five Easy Ways to Wear One Boyfriend Blazer

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A gray boyfriend blazer matches much more than just a simple silk blouse. Click through for five blazer-based outfit ideas.

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Associate Digital Editor

When you look at the Topshop blazer below, what's the first thing you think of? That its long slouchy fit reminds you of the jackets Emmanuelle Alt wears around Paris? Maybe how its slightly variegated gray color is so much more interesting than basic black would be? The surprisingly low $120 price sticker might stand out, too, since similar designer styles cost four or five times as much.

Or perhaps, like me, the first thing to pop in your mind is how insanely versatile the style is; the way you could just buy it without spending more money on matching stuff. It's one of those pieces that you don't need a specific looks for ("oh, she's in her blazer outfit again") because it seamlessly works with pretty much anything. In fact, I've already come up with five totally different ways I'd wear it, all included in the slideshow above. Click through for my ideasand be sure to share yours!

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