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A gray boyfriend blazer matches much more than just a simple silk blouse. Click through for five blazer-based outfit ideas.
1. Paired with a flippy miniskirt.
Finish the look off with equally ladylike pieces, like sparkly earrings and boots with a delicate heel. Don't worry about overloading on girly extras—the blazer is boyish enough to balance it all out.
2. Tossed over jeans and T-shirt combos.
On mornings when you're moving slower than Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street's Quaalude scene, this outfit comes together easily. All you need accessories-wise are booties and a black leather belt.
3. Mixed with lots of texture.
To make the standard blazer + button-down + black pants formula more interesting, layer the jacket over some snuggly cashmere and slip into suede pumps. Complete the look with a cheerful red crossbody bag.
4. Over a crisp white shirtdress.
To really nail the whole tomboy-femme thing, add in a fiddler cap and flat moto booties. Opaque black tights are optional, depending on the weather.
5. Dressed down with a sweatshirt and sneakers.
You can't, of course, use your ratty old track hoodie—this look requires a pullover that's more polished, like this black leather-paneled style. Add some high-top kicks and white skinny jeans for a look that could've come from Cara Delevingne's closet.