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When you play a game of thrones, you win or you dieā€”but at least you get to wear some really gorgeous costumes in the process. Click through for 16 brand-new shots from Season Four.
Haters keep on hating, 'cause somebody's gotta do it.
I have zero idea who these two people are, but those mustard shades are really working for them. [Note: According to the internet, they are "Oberyn Martel and his love, Ellaria Sand."]
I'd love to see Sansa wearing something other than all-encompassing, devastating sadness for once.
Here's to another season of Shae's open-backed and drapey Grecian gowns.
Arya wears a belted sweater combination, looks almost 2014-ish.
So, Sam is still alive.
If the storyline made a contest out of who could wear cornflower blue best, there would obviously be no contest. Shoutout to my favorite GoT family tree (second to the Starks), the Tyrells!
Tywin Lannister: a vision in oxblood.
The Hound knows his way around good armor.
May we introduce the new Daario Naharis, Michiel Huisman.
In the eternal words of Lorde: "I'm little, but I'm coming for the crown."
Ygritte makes Wildling life look way chic. Hello, head-to-toe furs!
HBO answered our prayers for the return of a clean-shaven, short-haired Jaime Lannister. Welcome back, old friend.
And last from certainly not least, my sweet, sweet Jon Snow doing what he does best: brooding.