UPDATE: Hayden Panettiere Has Won The Tom Ford Golden Globes Dress Debate

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It was the sort-of faux pas that was heard around the world (or at least around the fashion industry): Hayden Panettiere arrived at Sunday's Golden Globes wearing a Tom Ford gown that she had, reportedly, purchased herself—rather than wearing it on loan, per longstanding red carpet tradition. Though she slightly fibbed to Giuliana Rancic during E!'s red carpet spectacular ("It's the first time I've ever worn him, because I've been begging ever since!"), it was eventually confirmed that she did, indeed, buy it off the rack.

And while Hayden received some Twitter hate for her rupture of custom (the same editor who confirmed her purchase ended his verification with "Tsk tsk."), she also received a tidal wave of support and appreciation, too—from us, among many others. But perhaps most importantly, the man of the hour, Tom Ford, has seemingly hopped on board with us rule-breakers. Per The Huffington Post, on Tuesday morning, Hayden tweeted a sweet photo with a sweet caption ("Such an honor to wear one of this man's masterpieces! Thank you for my beautiful flowers!") that proves she's as gracious as she is audacious—and Tom Ford ain't too bad himself, either. Do we sense a revolution brewing?

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