Why A Hooded Coat Is An Absolute Winter Necessity

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Do you live in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic or New England regions of the U.S.? If so, congratulations: Winter Storm Janus is here, and she's headed your way! In addition to freezing temperatures, those of us in the northern states can expect plenty of snow and blustery winds for the rest of today—and well into tomorrow, even. And lest you brush off this particular storm as a temporary annoyance, be warned: there's a good chance we'll get at least one more before this snowier-than-usual winter is through. (Hey, at least they've got kicky mythological names this season!)

At any rate, in the face of falling snow and sleet, you might be tempted to reach for an umbrella. But in case you haven't noticed, people tend to have very strong opinions about snowy-day umbrella usage, so be prepared to incite the wrath of your fellow sidewalkers and/or subway riders before you open yours up. Here's a better idea: why not simply wear a coat with a hood? Not only does hooded outerwear tend to be cozier and warmer than its open-topped counterparts, but it also protects your hair (and, in many cases, your face) from speeding snowflakes and frosty gusts of wind. And while we don't condone leaving home without a hat or earmuffs during the winter, let's just say that a hood affords you a little more leeway when it comes to covering yourself up top.

As it's pretty late in the season to be buying a new winter coat—isn't it ironic that the major winter storms always crop up as soon as the good coats have sold out?—there are a few great parkas and duffle styles still available. Click through above to shop 15 of my favorite hooded coats.

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