WATCH: A Six-Year-Old Just Fired Karl Lagerfeld

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Franziska Krug/German Select

Kids these days: they'll do, try or say anything, especially if a world-famous supermodel is asking them to. When intrepid six-year-old Hudson Kroenig isn't busy being Karl Lagerfeld's teeny-tiny muse (his model father, Brad Kroenig, is a Chanel fixture), he's apparently trying to impress Cara Delevingne—and fearlessly, may we add.

At Chanel's couture show in Paris this week, Hudson not only walked the catwalk with his Kaiser godfather, but also gave the iconic designer the boot at Cara's request. It is, quite honestly, the most wonderful thing we've seen all week: first, we hear Cara's words of encouragement, then Hudson runs up to Karl and—gasp!—pulls his arm. But what's even better is that, for a brief second, Karl plays along in that glorious German accent of his—and we get to see the whole thing unfold.

We've watched the Instagram video upwards of 30 times.

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