Jennifer Lawrence's Golden Globes Dior Dress: The Gown That Became A Meme

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The latest zeitgeist-fueled Internet fad? #Lawrencing, all thanks to a certain Christian Dior gown worn at last night's Golden Globes by America's BFF, Jennifer Lawrence. Click through to see our favorite attempts.

George Pimentel/WireImage | Instagram/@bryanboycom

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Only a celebrity as tremendously likable as Jennifer Lawrence could have instigated the immediate, overwhelming craze that's currently sweeping the web: #Lawrencing. By now, you probably know the Golden Globe winner and seasoned photobomber (last night, it was Taylor Swift who endured the brunt of it) wore a white Christian Dior Haute Couture gown, which, dare we say it, was somewhat bedsheet-like what with its billowing pleats and horizontal black straps. Suddenly we, the people of the Internet, jumped at the chance to create our own versions—and (as Vanity Fair pointed out) voilà, a brand-new hashtag was born.

In the less than 20-odd hours since the Globes and with thousands of #Lawrencing photos now in circulation, the real pièce de résistance of the movement must be eccentric fashion blogger Bryan Boy's contribution. In his Instagram shot, he's wearing what seems to be nothing but a white hotel sheet and a duo of belts. "I love my new Dior dress!!!", he wrote.

Click through above now to see six Lucky-approved #Lawrencing shots. Somewhere out there, we know J. Law is cackling while she refreshes Twitter.

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