Jennifer Lawrence, Queen of Photobombs, Totally Out-Photobombed Herself At The Golden Globes

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via Instagram/@ryanseacrest

Missed the telecast of the glamour-packed red carpet at the Golden Globes? Well, the above photo is pretty much all you need to see. Instagrammed just a little while ago by Ryan Seacrest, it captures the moment the E! host was wrapping up his interview with Taylor Swift—only to be cut short by one Jennifer Lawrence, ever the queen of red carpet sillies, who made her way towards the platform with the funniest face we've seen all night long.

It's no secret that JLaw's the queen of the red carpet photobomb, but we think this just might be her finest work yet. What do you think? And more importantly, how long until Taylor treats us to Instagrams of herself and the Best Supporting Actress winner baking cookies and dressing up in crazy costumes together?

Update: There's video.

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