The Seven Key Pieces You Need To Nail Kate Bosworth's Style

Ever wonder how Kate Bosworth looks so darn good all the time? The following seven pieces have a lot to do with it. Click through to see what gets the most play in her wardrobe.

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Exactly 32 years ago on January 2, Kate Bosworth was born—and not as the style star she is today. Sure, it's more than fair to say she has a natural feel for fashion, but even the most inherently well-dressed people need time to hone their look—to really define it. That started to happen for the actress/designer/model/singer about ten years ago, when she began to exclusively wear certain types of pieces. The more she stuck with what felt right, the better her outfits became.

These days, you'll rarely see Mrs. Michael Polish on the street, red carpet or at a press event without at least one variation of the seven items in the slideshow worked into her ensemble. Each is a key component to her finely tuned style—something she's loyal to, whether it's on-trend or not. And although KB already owns several of each, something tells us she'll be opening a few more at her birthday celebration tonight; you can't, after all, have too much of something you wear all the time!

Click through to shop the seven cornerstone pieces of Kate Bosworth's wardrobe.

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